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With its HQ in Lilongwe, Negawatt Energy and Industrial Engineers is a certified crowning electrical, electronic, energy and water resources technology company, in the East and Southern Africa region. The company provides electrical, energy and water technological services to industrial, commercial and residential clients at a competitive international cost. Negawatt Ltd carries out comprehensive energy audits, supply of energy technology equipment, Building Automation Service (BAS), mini-grids, feasibility studies, irrigation systems, boreholes, greenhouses and many others.
The company’s dynamic team of exceptionally experienced experts, utilises intensive research and innovation to deliver unrivaled world class electrical/energy services and products aimed at maximising efficiency through reduction of operational costs without affecting activities at the facility i.e. optimality. Implementation of energy efficient products, reduction of energy consumption, reduction of grid dependency and installation of sustainable energy systems at an affordable price achieve this core mission of Negawatt to maximise your benefits.

Senior management team

Alinane Brown Kilembe

Administration and Logistics Director
MSc Electronic & Electrical Engineering (Distinction), BSc Renewable Energy Technologies (Distinction), Cert Cogeneration and Energy Efficiency systems
The UK Institution of Engineering and Technology, Malawi Institution of Engineers (MIE)

Patrick Bisho Chipao

Operations Director
BSc Renewable Energy Technologies (Upper second class), Cert Energy Audits, Solar Systems Design and Installation, Energy Efficiency systems, MERA
Malawi Institution of Engineers (MIE)

Amos Michael Banda

Technical Director
BSc Renewable Energy Technologies (Upper second class), Cert Cogeneration, Dip Adv Electronics (Distinction)
Malawi Institution of Engineers (MIE), MERA

Akuzike Mtambalika

Construction & Water Services Department Civil Engineering (Water and Irrigation Infrastructure, Malawi Institution of Engineers (MIE))